Licensing can mean everything in a truck accident

Large trucks are essential for commerce throughout the country, but their presence comes with a strict set of rules. When drivers fail to live up to federal guidelines, it could have an incredible impact on your life.

Nearly 800 people died throughout New Jersey in 2018 because of accidents involving a large truck, according to the most recent data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 71% of those killed were in a vehicle other than the truck. And medical costs that arise from these wrecks start well before fatalities are involved. If you’re suffering because of a truck driver’s negligence, you could get help getting back on your feet.

Rules of the road

Federal regulations require truck drivers to understand a wide variety of information when it comes to commercial vehicles. Each one can prove valuable when an emergency arises, and gaps in their knowledge could point to negligence:

  • Regulation: Operators need to know a lot more than how to drive the truck. They need to be able to diagnose safety issues during inspections, understand proper repair procedure and keep up on all maintenance requirements.
  • Control: The main purpose of large trucks is to move cargo, and do it efficiently. While loads can reach limits without jeopardizing safety, improper handling could become dangerous. Drivers that are hauling need to be aware of weight distribution, securing goods and hazardous material requirements.
  • Operation: There’s a reason that commercial drivers have to undergo so much training. Semis can be incredibly dangerous to drive in untrained hands, and that includes knowing the basics. Truck drivers need to be experts when it comes to stopping distance, road conditions and visibility.

These are just some of the hundreds of things that drivers are responsible for knowing. When they can’t meet safety standards, then you may have found a course for compensation. Make sure you know what to look for, and you could be on your way to a healthy recovery.