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Did you know that the products, machines, and medications you use could cause serious harm if manufactured or distributed improperly? As a consumer, your most basic right is to be safe while using these products. When companies fail to meet this obligation, Phillipsburg, NJ residents turn to the product liability attorneys at Russo Law Offices LLC to help collect the monetary damages they're owed.

Injuries from defective products are so prevalent that the Federal Government created the Consumer Product Safety Commission to protect consumers and reduce the risk of injuries and potential deaths. Each year, thousands of injuries and life-threatening accidents occur as a result of these products. Individuals injured by defective or poorly designed products may experience pain and suffering, as well as growing medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional trauma. These accidents affect spouses, children, and loved ones, as well.

While each product liability case is determined by its circumstances, the median award in New Jersey product liability payouts for 2014 was $5.5 million, according to New Jersey Law Journal. Because most companies have a legal staff and insurance experts defending them, liability claims and lawsuits are very difficult to pursue on your own. Claims generally end up in litigation, consuming a large amount of your time and resources. This is why you need an expert product liability attorney to fight for you during this difficult time.

We serve clients in Warren County; Hunterdon County; Northampton County; Clinton, NJ; Belvidere, NJ; Bethlehem, PA; Easton, PA; and Eastern Pennsylvania. When you're in need of defective product lawyers, you can count on those at Russo Law Offices LLC in Phillipsburg, PA to help you obtain suitable compensation. Call us today for more information!