For many years our Firm has represented clients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania for contracts, corporate and business law matters. Our clients range from small business enterprises, to non-profit corporations, to multi-million dollar enterprises for privately held businesses. We are an experienced Team well qualified to provide your business with assistance for day-to-day business legal issues that arise, as well as being experienced commercial litigators who have provided skillful representation of our clients in jury trials and in arbitration proceedings.

While the list noted below is not comprehensive of all contracts, corporate and business law matters we handle, it should serve as a reference for you.

● Construction and Public Contracting
● Commercial Contracts
● Confidentiality Agreements; Nondisclosure Agreements
● Breach of Contract Disputes
● Mergers and Acquisitions
● Business Planning and Formation of Business Entities to Create:
      Limited Liability Company ("LLC")
      Limited Partnership ("LP")
      Limited Liability Partnership ("LLP")
      General Partnership ("GP")
      Sole Proprietorships
● Review, Draft and Negotiate Business Contracts:
      Lease Agreements
      Security Agreements
      Franchise Agreements
      Stock Purchase Agreements
      Warranties, Indemnities, Liabilities
      Mechanic Liens
      Employment Contracts
      Buy-Sell Agreements
● Day to Day Legal Business Issues (further described below)

Day-to-Day Legal Business Issues:

Our Firm is experienced to assist clients with their legal business issues, concerns and needs that evolve in the course of their conducting business on a day-to-day basis. Examples include contract disputes; employment and human resources issues; drafting corporate policies; and other related business matters which give rise to a legal concern.

To be pro-active and minimize your business risk in the area of human resources, our Team is experienced in conducting an employment law audit. We will work with your company representatives to determine your business' compliancy in the area of human resources with state and federal laws and regulations; and review your human resource policies and procedures. After meeting with your representatives, we will work with you to determine problems before they occur and assist your business to make needed improvements.

If we may be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone @ 908-454-0806.