Our Firm represents clients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania who are victims of civil rights violations by a public or private entity. Some examples of civil rights violations include acts by law enforcement, such as police brutality and excessive force, misuse of police dogs, false or wrongful arrest or imprisonment, improper detention, illegal searches, warrantless entry, unlawful search and seizure, malicious prosecution, violation of freedom of speech, press, freedom of association or political rights, and inmate rights.

The police's use excessive force may result in serious physical and emotional injuries. False or wrongful arrests or improper detention may result in physical and emotional injuries, as well as incurring economic damages, such as, loss of work and wages. Civil rights violations and misconduct should be investigated as soon as possible after the occurrence or immediately upon your awareness that your civil rights have been violated.

Prison inmates sometimes experience violation of their rights in the form of neglect and abuse, denial of access to courts, rape and sexual abuse; inadequate medical care; assault and wrongful death.

Both state and federal law, including the United States Constitution protect you against civil rights violations. While these laws originated, in part, to protect you, you need an experienced civil rights attorney on your behalf to assert your rights and fight for your claims to seek the proper compensation to which you may be entitled. We are committed to seek the justice you deserve when your civil rights have been violated. Our Firm has aggressively handled civil rights violations on behalf of our clients and we are proud of the recoveries we have secured for them.

Note: Civil rights relating to employment discrimination is addressed in our section below entitled "Labor and Employment and Employment Law".

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